SM Roadracing #4 2020-08-22 -- 2020-08-23
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SM Roadracing #4 2020-08-22 -- 2020-08-23

Competition Details
Permit number67-9
OrganizerFalkenbergs MK
Arena (temporary)Falkenbergs Motorbana (No)
Competition StatusInternationell
Date2020-08-22 -- 2020-08-23
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SupervisorTorbjörn Orell(Chairman)
Contact person (Name)Annika Kristiansson
Contact person (Telephone number or email)0702896045
 Race ClassSeriesCompetition StatusPaidNotifiedMaxTeam competitionDriver / List of teams
 Total number of entries:   93 95   

Ungrouped classes

 Classic Klass 13 Superbike (88-98) (1000cc, >17) Internationell22- No Visa
 Classic Klass 14 Supersport (Classic Supersport, >14) Internationell11- No Visa
 Moto3/125GPSvenskt Mästerskap Roadracing Internationell88- No Visa
 SuperbikeSvenskt Mästerskap Roadracing Internationell1717- No Visa
 Supersport 300 (Senior)Supersport 300 Internationell1111- No Visa
 Supersport 300 (Ungdom, Junior)Supersport 300 Internationell1314- No Visa
 Superstock 600Svenskt Mästerskap Roadracing Internationell1112- No Visa

Rookie 1000, Rookie 600 | Lediga platser: Obegränsat

 Rookie 1000Rookie Cup Internationell1818- No Visa
 Rookie 600Rookie Cup Internationell1212- No Visa

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