Novemberkåsan 2021-11-13 -- 2021-11-14
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Novemberkåsan 2021-11-13 -- 2021-11-14

Competition Details
Permit number70-209
OrganizerSMK Gävle
Arena (temporary)Novemberkåsan (Yes)
EventTyp 1
Competition StatusNationell
Date2021-11-13 -- 2021-11-14
Additional rulesDownload
SupervisorPer Lennerman(Chairman)
Contact person (Name)Kim Eriksson
Contact person (Telephone number or email)0703514135 /
 Race ClassSeriesCompetition StatusPaidNotifiedMaxTeam competitionDriver / List of teams
 Total number of entries:   139 139   

Ungrouped classes

 Dam Nationell33- No Visa
 Elit Nationell1717- No Visa
 Junior Nationell2424- No Visa
 Senior Nationell9595- No Visa

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