Kanon Trial 2021-10-16
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Kanon Trial 2021-10-16

Competition Details
Permit number71-15
OrganizerFinspong TC
Arena (temporary)Finspångs Trialområde (No)
Competition StatusNationell
Additional rulesDownload
SupervisorHenrik Lettesjö(Chairman)
Contact person (Name)Stefan Anderson
Contact person (Telephone number or email)070-2028541
 Race ClassSeriesCompetition StatusPaidNotifiedMaxTeam competitionDriver / List of teams
 Total number of entries:   53 53   

Ungrouped classes

 01. Senior Röd Nationell55- No Visa
 02. Senior Blå Nationell99- No Visa
 03. Senior Grön Nationell99- No Visa
 04. Senior Vit Nationell1111- No Visa
 05. Senior Gul Nationell88- No Visa
 06. Junior Blå Nationell11- No Visa
 07. Junior Grön Nationell11- No Visa
 08. Junior Vit Nationell11- No Visa
 09. Junior Gul Nationell11- No Visa
 10. Ungdom Grön Nationell11- No Visa
 11. Ungdom Vit Nationell44- No Visa
 12. Ungdom Gul Nationell22- No Visa

 Start noFirst nameLast nameClub TeamBrandReg. Payment system

Race Class: 05. Senior Gul

  JonasWallinNyköpings MS  GasGas Yes
  HåkanNilssonNyköpings MS    Yes
  Ulf-GöranWidqvistNyköpings MS    Yes
  ThomasPetterssonSMK Södermanland View driver profile  Beta Yes
  HansDahlbergNyköpings MS  Beta Yes
  ThomasRydellFinspong TC View driver profile  TRS Yes
  ÅkeMårtenssonHillareds TC  Beta Yes
  PatrikSvenssonPartille Trialklubb View driver profile  Apollo Stelben 51H Trial, 1950 Yes
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