Arctic Cat Cup 2023-01-21 -- 2023-01-22
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Arctic Cat Cup 2023-01-21 -- 2023-01-22

Competition Details
Permit number69-2
OrganizerJämtlands MK
Arena (temporary)Östersund Motorstadion (Yes)
Competition StatusNationell/Internationell
Date2023-01-21 -- 2023-01-22
Additional rulesDownload
SupervisorAnders Berggren(Chairman)
Contact person (Name)Michael Björch
Contact person (Telephone number or email)072-315 18 90
 Race ClassSeriesCompetition StatusPaidNotifiedMaxTeam competitionDriver / List of teams
 Total number of entries:   151 151   

Ungrouped classes

 Guldhjälm (Nationell) Guldhjälm Stock 200) Nationell/Internationell292930 No Visa
 Open (Open, 16-55) Nationell/Internationell242432 No Visa
 Racer (Racer, 16-60) Nationell/Internationell101022 No Visa
 Stock (Stock, 16-55) Nationell/Internationell242448 No Visa
 Stock Dam (Stock, 14-55) Nationell/Internationell111116 No Visa
 Ungdom 12-14 (Sport 600, 10-14) Nationell/Internationell212132 No Visa
 Ungdom 14-16 (Stock Ungdom, 14-16) Nationell/Internationell222232 No Visa
 Ungdom Dam 12-16 (Sport 600, 11-16) Nationell/Internationell101016 No Visa

 Start noFirst nameLast nameClub TeamBrandReg. Payment system

Race Class: Ungdom 14-16 (Stock Ungdom, 14-16)

 7EmilHerténJakobstads Motor Klubb View driver profile LOUKKO.COM RACING TEAMLynx Yes
 13ViggoBoggMSK Hammaren Ljungbergs Motor Racingteam  Yes
 28OnniNiskalaLamk View driver profile Korteniemi Racing TeamLynx Yes
 35EmilPetterssonUmeå AK  Arctic Cat Yes
 38LiamLarssonUmeå AK View driver profile    Yes
 54SixtenJohanssonBygdsiljum Motorklubb  Lynx Yes
 78MaxJakobssonStorumans SK View driver profile Team Auto BlåSki-Doo Yes
 114OscarErikssonLingheds SK View driver profile  Polaris Yes
 126AleksiPöykköLamk  Ski-Doo Yes
 139JonasPettersenAlta Msk  Ski-Doo Yes
 143TopiRinneRovaniemen moottorikerho View driver profile Arctic snowmobile parkSki-Doo Yes
 181VerttiKaihuaRomk View driver profile  Ski-Doo Yes
 188HampusHöglundTeam Walles MK  Ski-Doo Yes
 203NiklasVanhataloPCMK Vuono RacingSki-Doo Yes
 222NiklasOllilaEtMk  Ski-Doo Yes
 279AtteVanhataloPCMK Vuono RacingSki-Doo Yes
 332JørgenLieValdres Motorsportklubb  Polaris Yes
 422EdwinMolundJämtlands MK  Lynx Yes
 594Odin KjellmannKristiansenAlta MSK  Ski-Doo Yes
 651SyverBråten GrøvnesHattfjelldal SSF Team DalengPolaris Yes
 887NicolaiWangensteenValdres Motorsportklubb View driver profile  Lynx Yes
 946GustavVesterlundBygdsiljum Motorklubb Team YngvessonPolaris Yes
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