58-Årsracet 2023-08-05 -- 2023-08-06
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58-Årsracet 2023-08-05 -- 2023-08-06

Competition Details
Permit number64-127
OrganizerLinköpings MS
Arena (temporary)Linköpings Motorstadion (No)
Competition StatusNationell/Internationell
Date2023-08-05 -- 2023-08-06
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SupervisorBengt Edh(Chairman)
Contact person (Name)Jonny Larsson
Contact person (Telephone number or email)jonnycross@hotmail.com
 Race ClassSeriesCompetition StatusPaidNotifiedMaxTeam competitionDriver / List of teams
 Total number of entries:   109 188   

Ungrouped classes

 Klass 1 (A1-A2) Nationell/Internationell23- No Visa
 Klass 2 (B1, B2 med OVE LUNDELL TROPHY CHALLENGE) Nationell/Internationell26- No Visa
 Klass 3A (D1a 125cc) Nationell/Internationell79- No Visa
 Klass 3B (C1 250cc) Nationell/Internationell22- No Visa
 Klass 3C (50cc Pre -78) Nationell/Internationell13- No Visa
 Klass 3C (50cc Pre -82) Nationell/Internationell610- No Visa
 Klass 4 (JEFF SMITH TROPHY, -66) Nationell/Internationell815- No Visa
 Klass 4 (JEFF SMITH TROPHY, 66+) Nationell/Internationell616- No Visa
 Klass 5A (250, D1b) Nationell/Internationell02- No Visa
 Klass 5B (500, C2, D2) Nationell/Internationell710- No Visa
 Klass 6 (E CETSC -60) Nationell/Internationell1617- No Visa
 Klass 6 (E CETSC 60+) Nationell/Internationell1319- No Visa
 Klass 7 (Evo - F, CEEC -50) Nationell/Internationell1216- No Visa
 Klass 7 (Evo - F, CEEC 50+) Nationell/Internationell1024- No Visa
 Klass 8 (Super Evo +50) Nationell/Internationell48- No Visa
 Klass 8 (Super Evo -50) Nationell/Internationell47- No Visa

Sidecar/Sidvagn Classic (SC1- SC3), Sidecar/Sidvagn Classic (SC4) | Lediga platser: Obegränsat

 Sidecar/Sidvagn Classic (SC1- SC3) Nationell/Internationell29- No Visa
 Sidecar/Sidvagn Classic (SC4) Nationell/Internationell611- No Visa

Open 40+ | Lediga platser: Obegränsat

 Open 40+MXRM Open Nationell/Internationell11- No Visa

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