CEC RACING VGC 2023-06-06
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CEC RACING VGC 2023-06-06

Competition Details
Permit number64-93
OrganizerMC Alingsås
Arena (temporary)Holbanan (No)
EventSolo & Sidvagn
Competition StatusNationell/Internationell
Additional rulesDownload
SupervisorWilly Ivarsson(Chairman)
Contact person (Name)louise hölen
Contact person (Telephone number or email)louise.holen.mcalingsas@gmail.com
 Race ClassSeriesCompetition StatusPaidNotifiedMaxReservesMax reservesTeam competitionDriver / List of teams
 Total number of entries:   132 132  0   

Klass A, Klass B, Klass C, Klass E(lit), MX-Women, VIP | Lediga platser: 28 | Lediga reservplatser: 10

 Klass ACEC RACING VGC Nationell/Internationell44-0- No Visa
 Klass BCEC RACING VGC Nationell/Internationell3030-0- No Visa
 Klass CCEC RACING VGC Nationell/Internationell3939-0- No Visa
 Klass E(lit)CEC RACING VGC Nationell/Internationell2929-0- No Visa
 MX-WomenCEC RACING VGC Nationell/Internationell55-0- No Visa
 VIPCEC RACING VGC Nationell/Internationell2525-0- No Visa

Klass 1 - U/J (150/250) | Lediga platser: Obegränsat | Lediga reservplatser: 0

 Klass 1 - U/J (150/250)CEC RACING VGC Nationell/Internationell00-0- No Visa

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  • svenska (Sverige), Swedish (Sweden)